Today at YSU started ‘Microbes in everyday life: theory and practice from school to university’ workshop organized by American Society for Microbiology and Microbial Biotechnologies and Biofuels Innovation Center.

The director of the Microbial Biotechnology and Biofuel Innovation Centre of YSU and ambassador of American Microbiological Society in Armenia Karen Trchounyan informed that, during the 4 days of the workshop was planned not only  lectures but also laboratory work to acquire practical skills.
He mentioned that the pupils would be divided into groups, make different experiments, in the end the winners would receive prizes. ‘The purpose of the workshop is to inform the pupils about the latest microbiology news, because there is very little information on the role of microbes in our daily life’: said Karen Trchounyan.
Armen Trchunyan delivered a lecture about the role and nature of microbes in nature, their interactions with living organisms, the impact of microbes on the human organism.
‘People talk more about negative role of microbes, but I want to inform that they help us to fight other pathogenic bacteria’: said the head of the department.