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Biohydrogen generation from wastes

We are in ∝-testing stage

Molecular hydrogen, as an alternative, ecologically clean and renewable energy source is a perfect solution against air pollution and global warming. Our team suggests a new technology of energy source generation, which represents hydrogen (H2) production
from industrial, agricultural and daily wastes։ Microorganisms can utilize different organic wastes and generate biohydrogen.  , and those organic wastes organic waste is generated in almost all industries.

Suggested technology

  • is completely waste-based
  • no need for high pressure and temperature

Generated hydrogen

  • is 99.99% purified
  • more affordable, compared to chemical and physical technologies


MiCoFe- Microbes, Coffee, Fertilizer

It is in the seed stage.

MiCoFe is ecologically clean, biodegradable fertilizer,  rich in helpful microbes contributing for plant activity and improvement of soil quality.

Used coffee grounds are the basis for fertilizer production, with the population drinking more than 2.25 billion cups of coffee a day, resulting in an estimated 500,000 tonnes of wet coffee waste. Technology is now being developed for the optimal treatment of these wastes, for the cultivation of bacteria in those environments, which are biofertilizers, capable of converting non-assimilated compounds for plants into assimilable ones.