The mission of YSU Microbial Biotechnologies and Biofuel Innovation Center Alumni association is to encourage our students and to foster sophisticated  values by communicating with graduates  who already  succeeded  and to give extracurriculare knowledge taught by distinguished scientists. As a new established association we are always open for collaboration and will kindly accept your ideas. Don’t hesitate to contact as


Phone: +374-60-710-885

President of Alumni Mariam Kotsinyan

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Ashkhen Mkhitaryan

Our alumni of 2016. She participated and succeeded with her team in varios start-up projects (GCIP, Climate Launchpad). During her Bachelor’s study she was working at Technology and Science Dynamics company in Biotech team as a  R&D researcher. After she was working at FMD K&L company as a regulatory affairs specialist. Since 2017 she works at Instigate Design company, as a bioinformatic. Currently she works in local IT companies in different Biotech projects as a drug clinical investigations and genetical research projects developer.

<<I wish to biotechnology lab continue  to overcome obstacles and to have many achievments.>>



Gayane Hayrapetyan

Gayane is alumni of 2016. After Bachelor’s studies she get her Masters degree at France and qualified as a Food Physicochemist . Currently she is doing her PhD in cooperation between YSU and University of Burgundy, with the aim to extract useful components from wine waste using ,,green chemistry’’ methods.

<< As a alumni of department I can assure that here student has opportunity to get not only theoretical, and also practical skills with the support osuccessful scientists. I wish to center new achievements in field of science>>




Karine Navasardyan                                       

Alumni of 2018. After receiving her bachelor’s degree, she worked as a chemistry and biology teacher in a secondary school in the village Chkalovka, Gegharkunik region. Now she works in the chemical laboratory of the Tamara LTD

<<Our profession is often called as a profession of the century, this profession, which develops day by day  will allow to explore various biochemical processes, that held in living organisms and in our environment. People who care this profession are just whizards. So if you want to feel yourself like a whizard, this field is for you>>.



Bella Hakobyan

Bella get her Bachelor’s degree at 2018, after it she joined  Master’s degree in  Applied Microbiology program, and graduate at 2020. Currently she works Coca Cola complany as a microbiologist.







Gayane Mikoyan

Gayane received her bachelor’s degree at 2019. After graduation she started her job as a microbiologist at Pepsi Cola Bottler company. Currently she is a Masters student in Applied Microbilogy program.

<<I wish to center knowledgeable students, various scientifical activities and cooperations both with Armenian and foreign scientifical organizatins, which will contribute to students practical  developmen>>.



Hripsime Petrosyan

Hripsime is graduate of 2019. After graduation she started to work as laboratory assisstant in center, also she joined   Masters program of Applied Microbiology. She actively participated and succeeded in startup projects. Hripsime is a winner of Erasmus+ exchange program and  DAAD summer school scholarships. Currently she works as a microbiologist at A&M RARE LLC .

<< Thank you for developing  professional mindset>>.




Mariam Kotsinyan

She received her Bachelors degree at 2020. During studies she was an Erasmus+ exchange student at University of Saarland(Germany, Saarbruecken), she did research in team of Organic chemistry laboratory in Faculty of Pharmacy. After graduation she started a job at ClinChoice LLC as a regulatory affairs specialist.

<< The knowledge gained during studies should serve the purpose and be favorable to the personal development, for me center played huge role and I’m sure that for many students it will continue to be a powerfull guiding force>>